SBVN Net Zero - A Program designed to improve the efficiency of construction investments

Help investors achieve energy-efficient projects at optimal costs.

About SBVN Net Zero

Help identify all opportunities to reduce investment costs and achieve energy efficiency.

The program aims to offer investors detailed reports regarding optimal investment opportunities while also reducing energy consumption and enhancing tenant comfort. By doing so, we help improve the efficiency of capital utilization for the entire project in both the short and long term.

Utilizing cutting-edge, world-class technology.

The use of digital technology for building simulation is gaining momentum in Vietnam thanks to international support programs that prioritize energy efficiency, such as those from USAID and UNDP. By integrating simulation technology into their projects, investors can gain a competitive edge, comply with international design standards, broaden their cooperation opportunities, and attract high-end customers who seek cost efficiency, energy savings, and sustainable development.


Main activities of the program.

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Compare the capital efficiency of different design options for various thermal and energy items.
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Compare the annual energy consumption levels among different design options.
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Evaluate the thermal comfort and natural lighting in typical areas of the building.
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Propose in-depth solutions to enhance energy efficiency and compare the associated investment costs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed information about the SBVN Net Zero program.

Civil and industrial project investors

For civil construction projects:

Local and international real estate investors interested in efficient design control for real estate projects with a superstructure area exceeding 8000 sqm. Building types: Office buildings, office-commercial complexes, resorts, high-end apartments with central air conditioning, hospitals, schools, large supermarkets, etc.

For industrial construction projects:

Investors seeking to construct factories with optimal energy efficiency towards achieving Net Zero Energy. Factory types: Pharmaceuticals, consumer goods production, food processing, logistics, etc.

Technical consulting services for the program are provided by EDEEC, the leading expert in energy-efficient construction consulting in Vietnam. With over a decade of experience, EDEEC has directly optimized 11 energy-efficient demonstration projects in Vietnam. EDEEC’s team of experts has successfully optimized 11 energy-efficient demonstration projects in Vietnam.

To register for the program, investors need to complete an online registration form.

  • The organizers evaluate eligible projects and notify selected participants to sign the program participation agreement.
  • The investor of the selected building project is requested to provide necessary information regarding the project.
  • The project team will assess and evaluate the potential for energy efficiency and cost optimization of the project.
  • The project team will present the evaluation results and recommendations for improving energy efficiency and cost optimization to the investor.

If you have any other questions related to the SBVN Net Zero program, please contact:

Ms. Phuong Anh, mobile number: 0968 090 886.

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